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WCFDataAnnotations allows you to automatically validate WCF service operation arguments using the attributes and IValidatableObject interface from System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.


(1) Install the NuGet package using the Install-Package WCFDataAnnotations command. Alternatively, download the dll from here and manually add a reference to DevTrends.WCFDataAnnotations.dll in the project containing your service implementation.

(2) Decorate your service implementation with the ValidateDataAnnotationsBehavior attribute:

public class MembershipService : IMembershipService

If you prefer, instead of using the attribute, you can add the behavior in configuration:

    <serviceHostingEnvironment multipleSiteBindingsEnabled="true"/>
        <add name="validateDataAnnotationsBehavior" 
             type="DevTrends.WCFDataAnnotations.ValidateDataAnnotationsBehaviorExtensionElement, DevTrends.WCFDataAnnotations, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null" />

(3) Add a reference to the .NET 4.0 assembly System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations in the project containing your data contracts.

(4) Decorate your data contracts with the relevant data annotations.

    [DataContract(Namespace = "")]
    public class AddCustomerAffiliationRequest
        public string ThirdPartyIdentifier { get; set; }       

        [StringLength(500, MinimumLength = 5)]
        public string Description{ get; set; }


You can also/instead implement IValidatableObject:

    [DataContract(Namespace = "")]
    public class AddCustomerToPromotionRequest : IValidatableObject
        public int PromotionId { get; set; }

        public IEnumerable<ValidationResult> Validate(ValidationContext validationContext)
            if (PromotionId < 1)
                yield return new ValidationResult("PromotionId must be greater than 0", new[] { "PromotionId" });

That's it. Connect to your WCF service and your operation arguments will automatically be validated using your configured attributes. If you try to pass invalid data, a FaultException will be thrown detailing the validation failure(s).

For more information about how WCF Data Annotations works and the design decisions behind it, please visit the DevTrends Blog.

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