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Decorating a class with a ValidationAttribute

first post: tsemer wrote: Dear WCF Data Annotations developers / communit, In WebAPI (and po...

Regular expression validation on string

first post: gouravvishnoi wrote: Hi , I have used your .dll in WCF with [ValidateDataAnnotationsBeh...

Suppression Mechanism

first post: mmsaffari wrote: Hello, I just added a suppression mechanism to your great plugin. ...

Validation Context is null in custom attribute

first post: KumarHarsh wrote: Hi, When we create custom attribute,and we want validation contex...

Subclass validation not working or collection of subclass validation not working

first post: KumarHarsh wrote: For those who are struck here,I am providing the solution. I creat...

Structured Exceptions

first post: MelGrubb wrote: I understand the design decisions that led to a single, unstructure...

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